As a trained teacher, child care provider and mother of three, HLC's president, Jodi O'Donnell-Ames knows that many children today lead hectic lives. For the most part, both parents are working, there are many complicated family dynamics (divorce, blended families) and children are extremely busy with school, organized sports and social clubs. Add to this mix a terminal illness such as ALS, and life is chaotic to say the least.

So many changes takes place in a home based on the changing needs of an ALS patient. As a patient progresses, a home may need to be altered to accommodate hospital equipment, nurses, and helpful family and friends.

There are other changes too.

A child may feel less able to be a child when he or she has more responsibilities in a home due to a sick parent. A parent may feel less able to act as a parent as he or she loses control of normal functions, such as walking, talking, eating, etc.
As you can see, ALS has a huge impact on the health and well-being of the ALS patient and his or her entire family and it's our mission to support HLC children during this time. Please be an important part of our mission by supporting our children through volunteering your time or making a donation.