Camp Testimonials 

"When I told my kids about the HLC camp they were grateful to have an opportunity to share their ALS journey. Right before we left to come to camp they were nervous, asking “Are we going to have to sit around and be sad about our ALS stuff?” The day we had to leave camp they said, “We don’t want to go.” Watching this group of beautiful, respectful, extraordinary kids has been a pleasure and a blessing."

- Melissa, camp attendee and mom to campers Alex (12) and Katelyn (14)

"My favorite activity was volleyball because I got to make new friends, and there was teamwork involved. I also liked the rockwall because I needed to trust the staff. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I would definitely recommend this camp to others because there’s a lot of space to play and explore. I enjoyed camp because I got to meet people that are going through the same situation as me." 

- Sydney, camper (9)

"My daughter finally got to meet other kids who could really understand her experiences with a parent who has ALS. She also got to participate in new activities that build trust, confidence and character. This was a fabulous experience for both of us and we can’t wait until camp next year!" 

- Gwen, camp attendee and mom to camper Ashlin (9)

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