Hopewell Valley High School Bio-Ethics Class Visit


Hopewell - 26, March 2014 – On Wednesday, March 26 Jodi O’Donnell-Ames and her intern, Katia Barone, visited Hopewell Valley High School to give presentations on ALS to two Bio-Ethics classes. The presentations included background information on ALS and Jodi’s personal experience with the disease and how it affected her family. Jodi began by explaining to the class exactly what ALS does to the brain and body and the timeline of its effects. This was followed by Jodi’s personal narrative of her experience with Kevin as a wife and caretaker and her reasoning for starting Hope Loves Company. The students were interested and asked highly inquisitive and educated questions. They posed questions concerning the medical nature of the disease, treatment, and the stressors of caretaking, all which Jodi answered informatively. Overall it was a wonderful and highly educational experience for the students who were able to connect with the disease emotionally rather than from just a strict learning standpoint.